Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Baby is Coming

So that is what everyone is telling me. Soon I will be a big brother or a big sister. No one will tell me which. Mommy's tummy is getting bigger and bigger and she is saying "oy" a lot. But whenever I get a chance I reassure her with raspberries on her tummy. She also likes it when I sing to her. She laughs, so we sing together a lot. She keeps trying to tell me things, but I know better. Who needs seven and eight, I thing the numbers sound better 1,2,3,4,5,6,9,10. And how does she know that X doesn't come after F. Well, I am trying to see it her way. Mommy and Abba are still trying to get me to go on the potty all the time, but I have my own plan. When I am fully ready I will do it. Until then I will give them little thrills every now and then. Mommy says that grandma and safta will be coming in for a bit soon and I am very excited. they always play with me and are fun to have around. They let me get away with stuff sometimes too. Mommy says I can't touch the babies hands or face, I don't know why but as long as I can tickle Dizzy's feet I will be happy. I'll let you all know when my little Dizzy comes around, but mommy says it will be hectic with Pesach coming and going to NY and everything so it may take some time before I get to it. Gotta entertain the troops y'know. I hope, I can keep everyone happy.

Also, I am turning 2 years old soon. Not really sure hwat that means, but mommy is singing this catchy Happy Birthday song to me and I find that I am humming it at night in bed. It has become one of my repetoire of songs. Mommy says we will have a party like last year. Huh? What was last year? Wel, I hope it is fun like kiddush club and people say l'chaim to me. That would be cool. GOtta go now, I think I hear mommy coming for the computer. Good night, Sleep tight (that's from one of my favorite bedtime books, Pajama Time. I highly recommend it).

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Interview month

Well, I am back from my whirlwind tour of some of the United States. Mommy and Abba took me along with them to some of their interview destinations so we have been having a vvery exciting month. T o be honest, I am glad it is almost over. I am tired and I want my naps when I should have my naps, no more nodding off in a carseat like a typical commuter, I want my crib and my nukkie and my blankie and I want to lie flat. I want 2-3 hours in peace with no "quick trips" to the supermarket for food. And I don't want mommy and Abba invading my privacy. If I hear one more "lie down peanut and go to sleep" while I am busy spacing out and staring at the door, I will be permanently damaged. Also, I can't loaf about in bed once I wake up with them in the room, I feel obligated to let them know I am here and awake. They need that reassurance at 6:30 in the morning. And if they just left me in one room, but no, it hotel and then to friends and then back to a hotel, I can't get it straight, I wake up and have no idea where I am. Are we at Safta's, or the Hampton Inn, in Memphis, or Atlanta, or St. Louis. Where am I. I am jsut glad to be home, for now. And do they take me anywhere other than the supermarket? NO!! I am stuck in hotels all day, I rarely get out. Oh to a mall in St. Louis, or the grocery store in Atlanta, but in general, it is the inside of hotel rooms that I get to see. I might as well be a rock star. At least then I would make money for staying in hotel rooms and being cute.

At least we did stuff in Memphis. We had a lot of fun. Although I did feel it necessary to remind mommy and Abba of my age occassionally. Like when we went to Graceland. I thought it was appropriate to express my sadness at the premature death of the king of rock and roll by screaming loud and long and trying to run into the roped off room with the white carpets and peacock stained glass windows. It was very difficult to control my grief in the kitchen as well, although that may have been because I could not believe anyone would decorate that way intentionally (granted, I am a child of the 21st century and really don't remember a time when formica and polyester where all that). I thought the jungle room was cool, and creative. who would have thought to carpet the ceiling in jungle green shag but someone who though outside the box, someone like Elvis the Pelvis. Outside the house, I really did enjoy running down the hallway with all of his gold and platinum records, the boy had fans. I also liked looking at the horsies he has in his field, y'know the ones that say "moo" (hee hee, I love to tease mommy with that one, I know horsies say "neigh"). We also went to see Elvis' car collection. Mommy and Abba tried to convince me that none of them had carseats in them, but I know better. Still they did not let me prove it to them, I couldn't even get close to a car without them hauling me back. It was very frustrating, I needed to scream at them. We also saw the Lisa Marie, Elvis' airplane. It was nice, not thrilling, but nice, and it smelled kind of funny, like old and mothballs and stuff. After our visit, mommy and abba finally let me go back and climb all over the car. they even gave me a peanut butter and jelly sangmich.

Then We went to see the ducks. that was soo much fun. We went to this hotel with a little duck fountain and then the clock went bepp and some music started playing and this man in a red jacket led the ducks down a red carpet to an elevator. There were four ducks, there were supposed to be five, but one of them was misbehaving earlier and had to be taken up the elevator ahead of time, we missed that. I think I heard something about the duck getting into some Tenessee sipping whiskey, known to day as Jack Daniels. But the four ducks we saw were also new and one of them must have been tipping back a bit, because just before they reached the elevator quacking and preening and shaking there tailfeathers to the music, one of them made a break for it. The good ducks went into the elevator and stayed there, the bad duck made everyone chase her for 10 minutes. It was very funny, she probably did not want to go up to the "duck palace (really a big cage on the roof)." because it was so cold outside. Well, I don't blame her. She was funny too, quacking and squawking and running around. Finally, they got her upstairs.

On Monday, Abba took me to the zoo because mommy had an interview. We had fun and saw all kinds of big cats and a few monkeys and other animals. I don't think Abba was so impressed though, he told mommy it was boring. But then Abba is very nice and maybe he had a lot of fun and just didn't want mommy to feel bad. He's nice like that. Then we went to the hotel and I was trying to take a nap when the hotel staff kicked us out of the room. Apparently their late check out is at 12:00 not 2:00 like a normal hotel. Abaa was very upset and I missed my nap, which was kid of bad, because we did not get home until after 9 that night. I fell asleep in the car on the way home and didnt wakeup until the next morning when Iwas snug in my bed. Thank g-d my first good sleep in a while. I liked it so much I took a 3 hour nap that day as well.

Gotta go, I hear mommy coming around. More when I can get some private computer time. gnight.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Okay, maybe not so much the great mighty pooper, but the great mighty stinky pants. Well, I'm young what do you expect. I apologize to all of you who have been waiting with baited breath for my next blog (that means you Cawa), but seriously I had to sneak out of bed to get this one on. Mommy and Abba have been totally hogging the computer for the past four months. Something about internship and dissertation. Blah, blah, blah, when do I get my time. Well, I'll tell you when I get my time, when mommy and abba finally pass out before midnight and I wake up to look for my midnight nuk and don't find it. I had to sneak out of bed, out the door, up the steps (which I managed without falling once . . . okay once, no twice really, but it wasn't too far) , into the computer room, at least they left the computer on and online. All without them hearing me. Well, I did it and here is my blog. I have become pretty independent (stinky pants being the exception) lately and am able to demand things for myself. It took a bit, but I finally learned how to get mommy to let me do it. All I have to do is shake my haead when she comes at trying to feed my or cut my food and say "self" and she gets it. Feel free to use this little secret of mine. Of course, I can't let her off the hook too easy so when she seems to think I have a handle on it, I give her a little play. Like tonight, you should have seen the designs I made with my string beans, classic. Uh oh, I think I hear them moving, shoot, how am I gonna get back down there without them knowing I was gone. Later

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I am the Great Mighty Poo(per)

Guess what all, I am the great mighty pooper. Wait wait, don't be impressed yet, I am the great mighty pooper . . . IN THE POTTY!!!!!! Now you can be impressed. Yes, that's right, I pooped in the potty. Now let me tell you what happened, and I must say, I thank mommy for her help. So, it started out as a regular evening, mommy fed me a delicious meal of mac and cheese, green beans, and a plum. We went downstairs so that I could have my bath, I must say I was something of a mess, but hey, yellow cheese looks so good in my hair and goes so well with my complexion. So, right down at the bath. I had made a little poo in my diaper, so mommy took it off and cleaned me up. She then sat me on the potty and thats when it happened . . . I pooped. Mommy was besides herself and gave me kisses and hugs and even sang me a little good for me poopy song. I thought it was very funny and was very proud of myself and happy with my poopage. Mommy even let me flush it down the big potty. Then I took my bath, and kept coming back for more kisses. I was very happy with myself. I went to bed prud to be a big boy. Now let's see if I can do it again.

Monday, June 21, 2004

I learned a new dance move this weekend. It goes a little something like this . . . wiggle wiggle wiggle. See, see that's different then what I usually do. I usually go bounce bounce. See I learned something new. GO ME. Oh and by the way Smashers, I will be at next weeks game, obviously you can 't work without me as inspiration.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Big Bad Blog Request

Hi, I know I have lots of fun friends out there, and you know I don't ask for much, just a rasberry on the belly, and some shnuckles every once in a while, and some chicken at kiddush. But now I am making a request. As I am young and unknowing in the ways of the great computer era (yet, because you know in ten or twelve years you will be calling me over to program your VCR equivalent and stop your crazy newfangled clocks from blinking 12:00), I humbly request some teaching as to how to get my blog looking as cool as yours. Any help would be appreciated and drinks and food will be provided. Thanks
Hee hee hee, Mommy is so easy to please. All I had to do is say "dog" a couple of time and she was in paroxisms of glee. Well, it was fun to get my thoughts across, I must admit, and I was somewhat surprised to see a couple of dogs hanging out of a window on our walk back from the supermarket. It just seemed appropriate and kind of popped out without my realizing it. But it made mommy so happy, I did it again a couple of times for her enjoyment. She was ready to take me public, but I will have none of that. She tried to get me to say it for Zayde online. What do I look like? A performing monkey (quiet in the peanut gallery). I stayed silent and grinned. When she got too insistent I whine a bit and that taught her. Well, maybe. She thought my whining was tiredness and put me down for a nap. Well, that wasn't what I wanted or expected, but I guess she was right, because I fell right asleep. Gotta go, mommy is calling me now. I think we are going to the park. Wheeeeee

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Whew, walking with Israel is exhausting, and so hard to sleep through with all that stupid wind blowing in your face.

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